Nutritional Follow-up (2 Months)

Consisting of two video call consultations

  • 1 hora 30 minutos
  • 250 US dollars
  • Location 1

Descrição do serviço

My nutritional follow-up lasts for 2 months and consists of two consultations per video call lasting approximately 1 hour. After our first consultation, I make the entire menu calculated and specific for you and your objective (I send the menu within 4 days) and I am available for all questions and guidance. After a month of our appointment we have our return appointment and I will continue with you for another 1 month! There are two months of follow-up in which I am available for all necessary modifications and help with purchases, even from a distance I work very close to my patients! Are you at the supermarket in doubt? Send me pictures and I'll help you! The food is sent in PDF and also by the dietbox APP which is super easy to move and it reminds you to drink water and your meal times. In addition to nutrition being my great passion and my focus of work and study, I gained health, lost 25 kg and never gained weight again! On my Instagram and on my website you can find my transformation video. I WANT TO DO THE SAME FOR YOU!!!

Informações de contato

  • Location 1